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Homes are as unique and varied as the people who reside in them.  Suburban homes, country estates, resorts, and urban
apartment complexes all offer architects and property owners the opportunity to express themselves. 

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"To Who it may concern: I am happy to provide a letter of reference for Arturo Esclante. I have worked with Arturo on several projects over the years"
Richard Joseph, Jr
"To Who it may concern: I Am writing this letter of recommendation for Crete Creation Concrete Company. It was a pleasure working with Crete Creations. We are extremely pleased with the job they did for us."
Cat Johnson - Cat Johnson Auto Sales
"I have worked with Crete Creations for the past few years at my restaurants. I am pleased to give Mr. Arturo Escalante a recommendation."
Mythos Joplin

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We believe that architectural concrete should be not only functional and durable but pleasing to the eye to add an element of urban comfort. Our wide variety of colors and patterns allows you to create the perfect design combination for any project. 

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